Brand Identities

Pizzaman Chickenman is a sub brand of CEQA Food and Beverages. It is a fully owned Ghanaian company which aims at serving the people of Ghana and Africa with the best of meals.  It is their vision to be the first and leading fast food chain in Ghana and West Africa at large. The aim is to make quality, organic and tasty food accessible and affordable.

The Casa Plaza Pizza & Taco brand is known for its pizza and taco organic produce. It is the first of many brands to serve both pizza and tacos to customers, challenging the status quo. 

A café brand founded on variety. The brand values individual differences, regardless of where you are from.

MRRR! PIZZA. The artistry trademark of this brand is being fully utilized. In order to convey the creative aspect of the brand to its audience, MRRR! Pizza offers a variety of pizzas in a colorful visual style.

A vegan cheese brand that do not compromise on quality and flavor.

At Fiona Chocolate, they believe that chocolate is more than just a treat – it's a passion. That's why they go to great lengths to source the finest cocoa beans from West Africa and use only the highest-quality ingredients in the chocolate creations.