Who is Nana Kwandoh?

I am a brand designer living in the capital city of Ghana. I am an active and innovative professional with almost a decade of invaluable experience in handling brand design projects. I am equipped with the ability to provide solutions to brand design problems. 

 When Did You Start Designing?

In 2017, I had a conversation with one of my friends from high school who was studying graphic design in one of the design schools in Ghana (IPMC). The conversation made me question my career choice. He helped me understand the need to have a skill. He introduced me to brand design and some design channels on YouTube.

I started learning brand design part time in 2017 when I was still in university. In 2018, I had my first professional job as a freelancer. Learning design was actually required because campus living was quite expensive and I needed to assist my parents in covering the living expenses.

I graduated from university in 2019 and spent a year working at a respected bank in Ghana. I never received a job offer at any of the locations I sent my resume to, and my contract was not extended. That inspired me to work as a freelancer full-time. I've been a freelancer for six years now, and I've enjoyed the best design journey thus far.

How Has the Working Experience Been?

I started a freelance brand design business to help brands find solutions to their design problems. For the past six years, I have conceptualized logo and brand identity designs for both international and local brands. For frolato, Nainen Beauty, Obim Taski, Pikku Quattro, MRRR! Pizza, Dutch Café, Fiona Chocolate, TEEMAN, Antiwario, etc.

I have been developing design concepts for African Development Bank, Ivory Coast from 2022 to date. I have had the opportunity to work with Meaningful Gigs, where I developed a packaging concept for Colgate Africa. There are other agencies (Command Space Ghana and Scolpta Ghana) I have worked for and have gained experience in the agency space.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading books, listening to Afro-pop music, and following Chelsea Football Club.

What Advice Do You Have for Beginners?

Start where you are and with what you have. Maintain discipline, focus, and consistency in your goals. Always show your work and avoid trying to be perfect. Understand that practice leads to improvement.