Coles Crafted Beer is a passionate and spirited new range of non - alcoholic craft beers. They celebrate traditional brewing techniques and a commitment to qualify ingredients, with their dedication to handcrafted beer servicing the evolving needs of today’s craft - centric drinker. 

Coles Crafted Beer is about sharing a great beer together with friends and family. There are so many styles of beer on offer and they do not discriminate when it comes to flavor. 

Brand Identity Presentation

The scope of work is a collaborative logo design and packaging design project which explore the role packaging has on beer drinking experience. Coles Crafted Beer needs to create an impression that their drink is carefully crafted to make an impact within one of the most saturated market, craft beer.  This is done by telling a story about their product, from and how they are brewed to the name itself which represent their place in United State of America. 

The overall goal of scope was to create a brand identity that will differentiate Coles Crafted Beer from the competitors while at the same time ensuring the logo works on any surface including the logo works on any surface including; paper labels, cans or even bottles.